May 29, 2010
The world needs another Lost blog

I just re-watched the lost finale and have realised what was wrong with this season. The part of season six that wasn’t on the island was actually a spin off show. It had nothing to do with the show and according to the end nothing that happened in it had any real consequence. When Faraday’s mum gets emotional about Daniel going with Desmond it doesn’t matter. Which is a shame however Sawyer and Juliet together again was pretty emotional if I wasn’t dead inside.

   However the stuff on the island was like one of the best episodes of the show (except that Locke dies by getting shot off a cliff, something I have literally seen in a 90s softcore thriller). Also Friday Night Lights series 2 still holds the crown for worst series for a really good show.

   My crazy low expectations for it may also have helped and I often said there was no possible way it could end well. I could have started watching Breaking Bad earlier or finished Battlestar Galactica sooner (related news- I am single and unemployed) but it was still worth it.