June 1, 2010
Rules for going to a gig on your own

All of which I have broken.

  1. The wall is your friend. No-one wants to see a guy in the middle, at the side is where it’s less depressing for people to see you.
  2. Save up text messages til inbetween bands. That way at least you have shown you have a social life at other times in your life.
  3. Visit the bar in breaks between bands. Plus the drink gives you something to do with your hands.
  4. Don’t get there early when no-one else is there your loneliness is more pronounced.
  5. Get there as late as you can. Ideally just as the band come on stage.
  6. When a band asks you to stomp your feet and make the sound of a rocket taking off (this happened). You should but be aware you look like an insane person.
  7. If you stare off into space make sure it’s not at someone as you look crazy.